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 Notes and tasks are great features, but it would also be nice to have a checklist that could be added to a ticket so that different agents could easily update progress on the work. Examples would be a scenario where you are installing a new computer which has several specific steps for configuration according to our environment. Or troubleshooting checklists,  or account creation steps for an agent supporting network account creation.

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For very short sequence of steps, we build the checklist into the service item. This is not ideal.

For more comprehensive checklists (4-6 pages each), we create and maintain checklist templates in Word, print them out on paper when we have a set up job (imaging for instance). Once completed, we scan them thereby creating a PDF and save it to a team shared Dropbox account. We create the link from the PDF and place it in the SR for that job.

It's crude, wasteful, inefficient, a real time killer, but since checklists are not incorporated into Freshservice, it's the best we have given the limitations of Freshservice.

There's a irony to watching a recent Freshservice video that talks about how an agent takes 15 seconds to manually assign a field (hawking the Field Suggestion feature). Yet, we're burning minutes/hours/days that add up to weeks/months/years when a team of ten agents are trying to get their work done with crude workarounds for comprehensive checklists that are UBIQUITOUS in IT. :)

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I completely agree with Donna,  If this can't be incorporated in Freshservice at all levels, can't we at least have 3rd party app integration for this?  Pretty much everything we do in IT support requires a checklist to accomplish quickly and produce the same result every time. Come on Freshworks, you have great products, can't you just do this to massively improve our Freshservice experience (which is already awesome, by the way).



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A checklist option in not only ticket replies, but ticket templates should be at the top of your guys' list at Freshdesk.  It would save cumbersome work arounds like sharing One Notes that include checklists to track progress.  My manager would have to click on the link and view the One Note, not to mention maintaining templates in One Note.  Nobody wants that.  Everybody wants checklists.


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