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 Notes and tasks are great features, but it would also be nice to have a checklist that could be added to a ticket so that different agents could easily update progress on the work. Examples would be a scenario where you are installing a new computer which has several specific steps for configuration according to our environment. Or troubleshooting checklists,  or account creation steps for an agent supporting network account creation.

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I absolutely agree with Rick! That would make our on-boarding process much easier to keep track of!

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 Ed - How are you handling this right now? We have setup checklists in our Agents Only solutions area. Not ideal and no verification someone has followed all the steps

Hey Rick-

We just switch from Spiceworks to Freshservice, and so far, we're loving it. Except for checklists...

In spiceworks, you could attach a checklist template to a ticket (see screen shot attached) which was awesome for service requests with a lot of steps, like setting up a new computer, or on-boarding a new employee.

Currently, we don't' have anything set up in fresh service for this. I was looking on google for some ideas when I came across this thread.

For us, visibility isn't as important as just being able to scratch things off when they are done, especially when two techs are working on the same ticket.

I'm definitely open to any ideas/workaround though!

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That's exactly what I'm looking for. We don't need the visibility either, just the ability to monitor the progress within the ticket easily for exactly these types  of situations that you describe. Canned checklists would be nice too so you could add a template to a ticket and not have to enter in all the repeating data.


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Yeah, the ones in Spiceworks are all based on templates, which is great. 

I hope someone is listening, this would be a huge win for Freshservice! :)

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That feature spiceworks added to Freshservice would be an incredible thing... count me in :)

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Agreed. Would be so useful.

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I also think this would be extremely useful.

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I do this by making a Dispatch'r rule. When an onboarding ticket comes in I have it auto-generate a list of tasks associated with the on-boarding process and assign each task to the appropriate agent. all agents can see which tasks have been completed in the ticket.

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Hi Jeff-

That sounds pretty interesting. Do you mind elaborating, maybe providing some screen shots?


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Sure, here you go. If you need any help let me know.

First, I set up a service catalog item in the portal.

Then I created this Dispatch'r rule.I cut off some of the tasks in the screen cap.. but you get the point.

Then, when the ticket comes in...

Hi Jeff

your hint helped me very much - one action i did not find the german corresponding for is

- Set PC Support iss... - Accounts - On-Boarding

What does this action mean exactely?

PC Support Issue is a custom field I have set up in the Admin panel to help us categorize our tickets. That Rule in dispatch'r sets the proper categorization for the ticket so we can filter back and see just the onboarding tickets, or whichever ticket category we'd like.

Admin > Field Templates > Ticket Templates.

Jeff,  I've been using the same solution but the only issue I have with it is there is no connection between the tasks and tickets.  For example:

Ticket has 6 tasks on it.  Person A completes three of them.  Person B can close the ticket, without errors or notifications.

If a ticket has tasks it should require that they are all closed before resolving the ticket.  I still haven't found a way to do that.

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