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Release notes for different probe versions

Could I request visibility of release notes and notification of when a new version of the probe is released please. I just randomly checked today and can see there is a newer version number in the download than I am currently using, it would be great to know whats changed and that changes are available :)

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Any news on this as I think it would be beneficial as not everyone is aware when a new version is released to the wild

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indeed would be nice !!

since there is alot of work to do on the probe.


i see there is a new 2.2 version what is changed ?

and doesnt it update automaticly ?

Kind Regards,


Hi David, Craig,

Any new enhancements / bug fixes in Freshservice application and the discovery tools are updated in the releases notes in the Freshservice forums. You can access these release notes from here:

We understand that more detailed release notes for the discovery tools will be useful for you. So we are introducing a new section in our solutions where we will maintain the release notes of all the Discovery tools going forward. You can find the release notes for the probe and agent here:

On your query about auto updates, the Discovery Agents update to the new version automatically. The agents check for a new version once a week and automatically update if a new version the agent is found. The probe, however, supports only manual updates. We are working on a new update logic for the Probe to allow it to automatically update and this will be released in the coming months.



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