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Ability to reorder the saved ticket filters

Currently the newest filters created jump to the top of the drop down list, different agents would like different sort orders for their saved filter drop down.

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YES! I was about to start a thread for this very thing. Glad you did Jeff. Hope this gets a lot of attention because I really don't want to delete all of mine and recreate them because I want them in a particular order.


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I'll add my vote to this. I was thinking the same thing. Excellent idea.

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Has there been any movement on this? The original thread is very old and I have seen FR's with fewer likes get into the product.

Ditto. As filters and use cases come and go, we need a way to keep them in a logical arrangement.

This is very old, can we get an update?

Any update on this?

This is really needed and gets my vote.

Raised this twice myself and still no response. +1 for this to see if this bump gets any movement


3 years and no response :(


Can we have an update on this please? 5 years and still no response for what is a fairly logical request.

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