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Accepting Email Forward from Outlook

One feature that I was really counting on using was the ability for an Agent to forward an email to FreshService that had been sent DIRECTLY to them from an end-user, and having FreshService ticket created show the original sender of the email (that end-user) as the Requester and not the Agent.

Sounded great.

Except it wasn't working.

After a few (frustrating) chats and phone calls with support, it turns out this won't work if you're using Outlook -- because Outlook strips the email address from the forwarded email if the person is internal and replaces it with just their name. 

While I understand that this is a limitation in Outlook -- a decent work-around would be for FreshService to allow this capability for Outlook users (i.e. many many many business out there), but accepting a Forward as an Attachment, which maintains all original email information.

Because, honestly, not having this capability is a *HUGE* bummer and headache.

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I found a resolution for this

Forwarding email from staff to Fresh Service so they appear as the requestor

1. Press Forward on an email. Note: if you are using Outlook 2013, you will need to use "Pop Out".

2. Enter the email address

3. Go to options in the drop down menu

4. Choose Direct replies to

5. Under Delivery Options enter the name of the person who sent you the email

6. Close

7. Send

Add a Quick Access Command "Direct Replies to" to the Quick Access Ribbon on Forward

1. Open an email, press forward.

2. Above the drop down menu, File, Message, Insert etc.

3. Select the drop down customise quick access toolbar. This is the icon with a line above an arrow point downwards.

4. Choose More Commands

5. In Drop down menu Choose Commands from: Change popular commands to Options Tab

6. In the window below click on "Direct Replies To", and press the Add button in the centre. This will copy the "Direct Replies To" to the Quick Access Toolbar.

7. Press Ok.

The above solution is not working for me.  I have to say that the lack of the ability to forward emails and have the correct requester set is probably a deal breaker for us as we trial this.

Hi Kevin,

There are a couple of other things to check:

1. Are the agents' email addresses the same as the email address in their agent record? If I forward from a different email address than my agent one, it just puts me as the requestor.

2. If you are using Sharon's method above, have you switched on the setting in Admin->Email to "Use "Reply-to" email address to create requestor contacts"? I think otherwise it will look at the From address which may still be stripped out.

I have to say this functionality just worked for us without any extra set up. We use Outlook 2013.

This is a frustrating issue for me as well. Most companies in the US use Outlook, so I hope this is something that can be worked around. It works occasionally, but I have not figure out what the trigger is that gets it to work correctly or not. Usually it requires going in and manually editing the ticket, which is a giant pain.


I have found the method to be a very reliable way of sending the jobs to FreshService;  the only time it does not work is if I forget to do the "direct replies to". Also, the "direct replies to" does not seem to be available in the MAC Outlook client..

Sorry if it does not work for you.

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