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Option to Bulk Reply to Incident Tickets associated with a Problem/Change Ticket

It is quite difficult to send out the same message to all incident tickets associated to a problem/change ticket. Currently, I have to open each ticket separately and copy/paste my message.

I would like to be able to send a bulk message to all tickets associated with a problem/change ticket. I know that a bulk message can be sent when the problem/change ticket is closed, but that is not what I am talking about. Sending a bulk message to all incident tickets from the problem/change ticket would be to update all the recipients on the status of the issue or something like that without closing the problem/change ticket.

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We have the same 'problem'. In the 'Filter Tickets' there should be an option to filter by associated problem or change.

That way you could select all and apply a bulk reply, close,...

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If a button/option to message all requesters of related incident tickets was added to the problem ticket, that would be great.

I also like Tiele's idea of filtering tickets by an associated problem, change, etc. (or the option to sort by none, so that when viewing my ticket list I can filter out tickets waiting for a larger problem to be resolved. That would be fantastic!)

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It looks like this request is fairly old but we're new FreshServices users and would really love to see this functionality added.

This is something that is also important to us. I haven't seen an efficient workaround to deal with tickets related to problems. We'd also come to the same conclusions as Tiele and Elizabeth above.

Maybe I'm missing a trick but without this managing Problems and related tickets is more difficult than it needs to be.

Adding to the pile to request this feature.

I would also like to bulk add tickets to a problem. There are times when an issue turns into a problem and you have to go back through and attach one by one.


Another 'yes please' for the list from me

Another YES!  There should be an option on the Problem to update all attached incidents with a note and an option to reply to all incident requester(s) to let them know the status update in a single "blast".

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Same here - can we get an update on this please!

I'm not sure how you're supposed to have a problem ticket without the ability to respond to all ticket holders. That is literally the main reason for problem tickets to exist - to consolidate similar issues and facilitate communication between affected users and responding techs. The fact that this request has been outstanding for five years now is extremely disappointing. This would be considered basic functionality for helpdesk software.

i lost my tickets

It really is baffling that there are Problems but they are mostly useless if you can't send out updates to all affected users.  This seems like a no brainer to add this functionality, or allow some way to send updates to requesters or distribution groups.

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