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Announcement Improvements

Would it possible to add a filter to announcements similar to how the add a note works on a ticket. This would be so we could look to do internal agent only private announcements if required, eg a database deployment has been completed successfully. But then also post notifications in regards to known issues which the end users could then see in the portal if need be.

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Regarding the move to BCC emails - Communication is not just about listening but also ensuring those that need to know were included on communication. Mangers want to ensure their team was communicated to, team members want to know their team knows or other affected parties know - so to blanket BCC every announcement does not promote effective communication. I understand this was done for MSP's but you also have to understand BCC usage in an organization does not promote effective communication is just not a good practice. Please either stop sending the emails as BCC or give options to send the email as BCC or To.

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Please do not remove the BCC! I'm not sure I follow the use case explained above, but we cannot publish names and addresses of all end users for privacy reasons as would be the case if the TO or CC fields are used. Furthermore, use of BCC removes the ability for intentional (or more like unintentational) Reply-to-All - also a privacy issue as well as poor communication.

Brendon, I can see the way you use this product may require you to use the BCC field, however, I can relate to what Jeff is saying as well. Hopefully Freshservice will be able to accommodate everyone here!

The way we use this feature in our company seems to be very similar to what Jeff explained above. To break it down a little bit - we will send out targeted announcements to departments, and it would be nice for managers/team members to be able to see that everyone who should have received the announcement, received it. With the BCC field, this isn't possible. 

It is always nice to keep everyone in mind when adding/modifying features since people use the system in ways that are useful to them! Not every company has the same privacy requirements as Brendon's does, so please keep us in mind as well. Bringing back the ability to send in the TO field would be great - maybe just a simple check box to determine what field to put the recipients in would suffice. I don't see why we can't all win here!

Can one of the admins confirm if we need to create a new request for these tweaks? or if the implemented stamp can be taken away? I think it's important not to let these issues float without being captured somewhere

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Ditto - any updates on the loss of functionality?

Any updates on allowing a company to BCC or use To field for announcement emails? The BCC is creating a lot of confusion and misunderstandings in a corporate company that strives to improve communication.

Clearly no one moderates these discussions....

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I bet you anything that once something is marked "implemented," they no longer get notifications on it. What a shame...can't collect any feedback that way!


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