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Announcement Improvements

Would it possible to add a filter to announcements similar to how the add a note works on a ticket. This would be so we could look to do internal agent only private announcements if required, eg a database deployment has been completed successfully. But then also post notifications in regards to known issues which the end users could then see in the portal if need be.

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This is great been after it for ages but I had to stumble across it rather then it being announced in the "Whats new" announcement in the agents portal. Think you should be making people aware of this as for us and I assume others this is a major improvement. One thing I think should be changed ASAP is by default the email option should be un-ticked as this could cause some major issues if the wrong group/company is selected or Agents decide to have a play as they do, could save some embarrassment? Also all email addresses are visible to the end user, for us and others using the MSP mode this isn't great and needs some work before it is truly usable for clients either by sending individual emails, grouping them so as personal emails are not visible to all or at the very least using the BCC field for the recipients?

Following on from Dan's message it would be great to be able to filer agents out or to send by agent groups as opposed to all agents due to some agent notifications not being relevant.

For example a member of the finance team here is an agent so that they can access the CMDB for asset information so it would to be able to edit the list receiving if need be.

Also agree on changing the default status to not email 100%

Is this new feature only for specific pricing plans? I don't see this option anywhere on a free account. And the news section doesn't state anything about restrictions to certain plans. Or perhaps this feature is broken at the moment?


John - When I go to announcements and create a new announcement the function to do group communication is still there. We are on a paid plan.

Jeff, that is why: you're on a paid plan. Freshdesk replied to my feedback on their new feature. It's only on the Garden plan and up. Unfortunately Freshdesk failed to indicate anywhere in their announcement as to which plans offer this new feature.

From Freshdesk: "Sorry for the inconvenience. Announcements feature is available only from Garden plan onwards."


Sorry to hear that John. 

To add to Dan and Craig's dialog. I also agree that it would be helpful to have email unchecked to prevent accidental email communication. It would also be nice to auto include all agents and have the option to uncheck an agent or two as for the most part all agents should know about what is being announced with some exceptions such as a developer and a topic not of interest to them.

Regarding Dan being an MSP and BCC field the email communication - for any company its best to use the To field so users and Managers can clearly see who knows about the important announcement. So please don't bcc the communication and instead maybe give the MSP users an option to BCC if/when needed? I believe this product is mostly being used by individual companies so the option should be to check bcc for the MSP users. Just my two cents so we can all get what we need! Thanks again for the continual improvement it is so very appreciated.

It would be better if the "email" option was not selected automatically. We use FreshService to cut down on email. Email should be an opt-in setting, not opt-out since it is more invasive than passive.

Second the option to use BCC. I have not tested the feature, but we cannot be sharing all email addresses within a Requester Group. We have to maintain privacy of end users, specifically students and parents who use our support desk in addition to staff.

First off, I'd like to start by saying that we are very happy with this new feature! 

The only thing that causes real concern for me at this time is that we have employees that occasionally like to reply to the emails we send out, just to say, "Thank you!" or maybe ask a question." The email, for us, goes out through the same email that we have users email to create a ticket, so any reply automatically opens a ticket for them. Then they get the email letting them know we received their request, and well, you know the rest. 

It would be nice to have the ability to send the announcements out from a different address! This way, any replies can just go to a group of us. Maybe even just a feature that would treat a reply to an announcement email similar to the way a ticket does, and just add a comment to it could be nice too!

Maybe I am pushing my luck here, but a Facebook-type "Like" button might not be the worst idea in the world either, for those users that view the announcement there!

Jess Rodier, I agree. We ran into the same issues. Freshdesk e-mail system isn't smart enough to prevent this (a different address or a special flag in the subject or body of the e-mail could prevent this). So what we do is use "Add note" and set it as "Visible to the customer" instead of the "Reply". This way any replies to the e-mail sent to customers (requesters) when a public note goes out will not open a new ticket. Hopefully that helps you.


Hi Folks,

I see this has now been marked as implemented, does that mean we need to raise new feature requests in relation to the improvement feedback that has been given?


Thanks for the feedback! We've made a couple tweaks to Announcements:

- Ability to send the announcement over email is now defaulted OFF. Customers can  check it if they want to share the announcement over email to recipients.

 Announcement recipients are now in BCC.


Freshservice Product Team

Hi Venkat,

Thanks for the updates all really beneficial :)

Is there any chance that you guys would be able to add the ability to send to specific agent groups as opposed to all agents?

As there are regular times when only a selection of agents need to be informed.

Thanks in advance

Is this something that could be possible? or do I need to raise a separate request for it?

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