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Automatically adding time to a ticket


We've been running with Freshservice since January this year. As we're getting more familiar with all the bells and whistles, it appears that having time automatically added to a ticket. In our case, we want 15 minutes to be added to any ticket that is closed/resolved if no time has been added. I put in a ticket with the help desk and they promptly noted it's not currently available. With that in mind, I wanted to start this thread for others to dog pile on if they would see this as a useful feature (the hope that being more voices may make it a reality).

So, who's with me???

Have a great day!


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I think this is a great idea. It'd be helpful for us to have a minimum time spent on the ticket, that we can customize. The Time Tracked field is not obvious, and we have a hard time remembering to add time to the tickets. Any way to streamline that process would be helpful, whether it is being able to add time with an observer rule, scenario automation or making it a required entry when we close/resolve a ticket.

Being able to add time via Rules would be really useful for those frequent tickets that take only a few minutes to resolve.

Maybe we could also have an option to force agents to add time when they close or resolve tickets as some of ours repeatedly 'forget'...?

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I would like a time requirement option for resolution and the minimum time entry for any ticket without time. It would be great to hear Freshservice's view on these issues related to time entry and management.

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This really needs to be a feature :(


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I was coming onto the site to request just this and found it had been suggested. This would be an extremely useful feature for my team. I'm getting very frustrated exporting and searching for tickets with no time added. 

Anyone from FS care to comment on this? Might we see it (and some additional enhancements to ticket automation) available any time soon?

Hi Guys, I know is pretty old ticket but I had the same issue and I got it sorted trough freshservice API. 

Maybe not the best but works!

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