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CMDB Warranty Pull

I'd like to see a feature that automatically pulls in warranty information from manufacturers i.e. Dell, HP, etc.  It's a feature offered in other solutions so it should be able to be done.


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We are really interesting in something like this. Please expedite! 

This is a feature in other ITSM systems. Definitely a must have.

What is the status of this feature request?

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What is the status of this? - starting with Dell you should be able to use the API interfaces provided using Dells tech direct service

Please update everyone on the status of this feature request. Thanks.

Hi Cazi, we've put this on hold for now. No plans to take it up before end of year. More on this once it's prioritized on our roadmap.



Any update on the warranty scans for Dell devices?

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Hello, some update with this? It's a feature that we love in Spiceworks and we miss it =(.

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 I would love to see this.

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Four years since the first post, don't hold your breath. Never gonna happen.

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Do you have any update on this?


Would like to see this added for apple, lenovo, dell and other products, your competitors have similar functionality already.

With Dell moving to individual APIs. would this service use the FreshService API or could we plug in our own API key. Think this would be a great addition to a fantastic product though. It save a lot of effort trawling through Dells warranty lookup system and exporting CSVs.

We have all our Dell machines automatically picking up their warranties from Dell through Freshservice.

To accomplish this we use Freshservice API combined with Dell API through Powershell, and have this script run every evening. 

As many people have said, this helps us massively in looking at what is approaching EOL and what needs to be replaced.

Jake, that sounds awesome!  That means, we could potentially do the same with Lenovo?  Any chance you would be able to share script details as to how it was done?

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