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CMDB Warranty Pull

I'd like to see a feature that automatically pulls in warranty information from manufacturers i.e. Dell, HP, etc.  It's a feature offered in other solutions so it should be able to be done.


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Agree with this suggestion.  We are currently looking at a number of ITSM products and have seen this functionality in other solutions along with the ability to create and print QR codes to audit assets not connected to the network.  The ability to scan them via the app would also be of extreme benefit (have seen this requested already).

So far we are extremely impressed with FreshService!

Please, Please, Please do this - Then I can finally get off the fence from Samanage and Come Join the Fun Team!!!

YES, this would be a great addition! If I knew this was in the works it would greatly influence my decision to drop my current service in favor of FreshService.

Agreed. This is a feature of Spiceworks that I absolutely loved.

Looking for this also. We're currently in trial with both FreshService and Samanage. If we knew for sure this was in the pipeline it would greatly sway our decision.

Print barcode and/or QR code for both digital (connected) and fixed (non-connected) assets. We tag furniture and associate it with an office, classroom, etc.

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Hi All,

Thank you for your valuable suggestions.

Currently, we are working on revamping the entire CMDB module.

We do have plans of retrieving and adding the asset warranty information in our road map. Unfortunately, for now we are unable to commit any timeframes on it.

Our product team has been notified in regards to this feature and we will keep you updated on the same.


Mohammed Ammar N.

I want this too!!!

How about an update on this?

Ideas when?

FreshService team, how about an update on this requested functionality? 

FreshService - could we please have an update on this?

We would also love to see this addition - any timeline on this?

Thanks for bumping up this thread. No timeline on this yet, but we are exploring warranty scans for Dell devices to start with and add other manufacturers later on. More on this once we pick it up for development. Please keep the requests coming! 

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This would be great ! 

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