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Different Ticket Templates By Department

We operate multiple portals for Departments (which are customers in our support model). Those customers have sometimes drastically different support requirements.  We'd prefer to allow each portal to have different Field Templates for ticket submission.  Many of the requested fields are not relevant for all customers, and we'd prefer to hide those if possible.

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I would like this too. Having all of our custom status requirements would make a list of nearly a hundred statuses, most of which are irrelevant to most departments.

This would be an awesome feature to have! 

We have different groups of users that use some products and others that will never even touch some products. Keeping the list to a minimum for the users would be a lot easier and user-friendly as well!

in general different ticket templates are important, as different types need different values and fields

Hi Guys 

We can have a field "Company" and display different fields in the new ticket form based on the company chosen, depending on the number of fields. This can be achieved using Portal Customization.

As for service items, we already have an option to limit visibility of certain items to certain companies/departments. This "Visibility" option can be found at the bottom of each service item form in the Admin view. On choosing "Group Level" visibility, we can restrict certain contact groups from viewing particular items. Contact groups can be created under Admin>>Groups>>Contact Groups.

How could we achieve the different fields based on company?

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