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Ability to execute multiple Dispatch'r rules

It makes no sense that Dispatch'r executes the first matching rule-set and then stops. I can think of tons of use-cases where I would want multiple DIFFERENT things done to new tickets based on different rules...

for example:

 - I might want any new ticket where Department = "Executives" to be set to priority "Urgent"

 - I might also want any ticket with the word "email" in it to be assigned to the "Email Support" Agent group

 - I might also want any ticket created outside of business hours to trigger an email to the Request (to say, Hey Buddy, nobody's getting back to you until Monday).

- etc.etc.etc....

I could come up with use-cases all day. All very valid, and necessary.

There's no logical or technical reason why the system should NEED to stop at just the first matching rule. 

I think we could really use the ability for multiple Dispatch'r rules to be executed.

Perhaps you could add a check-box item for Dispatch'r rules, something like "Continue Searching After Execute" -- that is not checked by default, so out of the gate, the new capability would be transparent to existing users. But if a user went in and checked that box, then the system would continue to search additional rules after execution.

Please do this.

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Agreed. We have multiple scenarios where we need different things to happen as soon a ticket is open. Being able to run multiple dispatcher rules against a single ticket would take care of this. Another option would be to run the supervisor rules more frequently, say every 5 minutes.

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Is there an update on this? Is this still an issue? I am having a very hard time making this work, I feel like it's almost a deal breaker if a ticket cannot run multiple rules

Apparently you can request Support to enable cascading rules but it's not something you can enable or disable. This will of course then apply to all rules. 

The ideal and logical solution would be to implement this with a checkbox for each rule created that allows you to "Stop Processing Rules" so by default it will cascade but any given rule could stop further rule processing. You'd have to be able to sort rules as well and have that sort order used when determining which rules to process first.  Place any bets? I say 2 years for an option like this to be enabled :)

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Has anyone managed to get support to enable this?

I'm being told that it's not possible, and that you just have to create rules that contain multiple conditions - 

Hi Peter,

Support enabled the cascading rules in Dispatchr for us over a year ago. It may depend on your use case. Try contacting them again and explain why you need it.


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After a bit of back and forth with support, I got it enabled!

Why it's not enabled by default, I'll never know - shouldn't have been that difficult to make it happen.

A no brainer here would be for FS to enable this by default and then have a rule that can be added called "Stop Processing Further Rules" that way you could have the best of both worlds and never have to contact support about it. 

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Bumping this thread and putting my vote on it. A simple break switch on each rule would be very useful. As Dispatch'r logic only executes on the initial creation, I can't even think of how this could be a performance issue... it's not like they're running all the time against the same tickets like an observer rule. Please update this functionality.

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Yet another customer who would really, really appreciate this feature.

In fact if I could write nothing short of code for my dispatch'r rules... it'd be so much more simple!

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