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Force agents to comment when closing ticket + Mail-submit as a different user

I have two requests / questions - these might already be possible, but if not would sure be a nice addition. 

1. Is there a way to force agents to fill in a comment when closing a ticket?
Currently some of our agents are replying with final details on how they solved the issue, and then close the ticket, so the user gets two emails at the same time.. I would cancel e-mail notifications for closed tickets, but other agents might not respond at all when closing a ticket, trusting the ticket-closed-notification to let the user know the problem has been solved.

I'm trying to minimise the amount of e-mail notifications the users get, so I would like to be able to either force agents to send a comment before closing a ticket (so I can cancel the closed-notification for users) or send a comment and close the ticket at the same time, so that the user will only get one mail notification.

2. Is it possible to mail-submit a ticket as a different user? or alternatively, is there a way for the requester of forwarded-mails to be the original sender and not the person who did the forwarding?
We are constantly getting user-requests to our personal or work mails, and when forwarding them to the help-desk, the requester listed for the ticket is the agent who did the forwarding and not the user who originally made the request. 

Any info on how I can do either of these, or if they are in the future road-map for Freshservice, would be very much appreciated. 


BTW I know I can theoretically respond and close the ticket at the same time using e-mail commands, but these are not really as convenient as the web portal/mobile app, and I found a few instances in the past where they didn't work as expected (or simply did not work at all).

These were solved for me by support, so if anyone's looking this is the solution I've been offered for the first issue:

"1. The agent can send a mail about their closure comments and while closing, if you click on Shift+close button, we can skip the "Ticket Closure" notification being sent to the requester.

2. Also, you can also add a mandatory custom filed, say "Closure Comments", where the agent can give their resolution (instead of sending it as a mail to the requester) and add this to your requester notification mail. This can be achieved from Admin -> Field templates -> Add custom Filed -> Required while closing the ticket.

Once that's done you will have to navigate to Admin -> Email Notifications -> Agent closes a ticket -> insert placeholder > Add that custom filed"

And as far as the second issue - this is apparently the default behaviour, as long as the forwarded mail comes form a listed agent's e-mail address. We were testing using an unrelated gmail address and that's why it wasn't working as expected. 

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