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option to delete ticket when being merged into another


A configurable option, so that when a ticket is being merged, it can be deleted automatically after it has been merged.


People sometimes send in new ticket via email (or log a new ticket via the portal) when they really should just be replying to their existing ticket. Sometimes it's understandable because they need to forward in a separate email, and that seems to be easier for them, than copying and pasting into the existing ticket.

In those situations, we merge the additional ticket into their first one. The merged ticket gets automatically closed. However, when you look at any reports of if you export ticket data, that ticket is going to count towards whatever metric you're looking at.

We don't consider those merged tickets as "new" tickets. So we manually delete them after they are merged.

The nice thing is that the ticket still isn't completely gone forever.


I could see this option being on the specific merge screens or a global setting option.

It could also be implemented as new "when any of these events occur" item in an observer rule.

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My personal preference is to NEVER delete tickets.  I've removed all rights of deletion from all employees.

The accounting of tickets is impossible with ticket voids.  Of course, to each their own, however, I'd rather have some inaccuracies in my metrics than holes in my ticket count.

Please pardon my 2 cents.  :)  I'm just interested in others workflows. 

Was just about to post message on this, when I realized I already did 5 months ago!

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