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Integration google drive


We used google drive for repository documents. I don't see any integration with google drive ? Do you have a roadmap for this feature ?


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I've seen that this integration is working in FreshDesk, why not in FreshService ?

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Would love that as well..



+1 for sure!  This would really allow us to move our FreshService implementation forward.

Hi All,

We have a Freshplug for Google drive integration, please refer the solution article. You can paste this code inside a script box in Freshplug (Go to Admin > Integrations > Freshplug tab). 

This lets agents attach documents, images, etc to their ticket replies and notes from the Google Drive account.


Freshservice Product Team


Thank you for this answer, however I cannot access the link :/



@vincent - Apologies. Here's the updated link to our solution article. 

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Thank you !

A more native integration I hope is to follow? The plug requires setup and configuration. Asana has a nice implementation of a Google Drive integration for comparison.

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Hi guys, we just rolled out the Google drive app for Freshservice. You can get more information about the app herePlease find the solution article for the set up instructions. 

Thanks for the update. A few things noticed immediately:

1) On the solution article linked, there is a big step missing where you actually Add the app to Freshservice and configure the API/Client ID keys.

2) The picker is not configured to support Google Team Drives it appears but the Google Picker API does support Team Drives. (

3) Small thing but to be professional, the text "Insert from google drive" should be "Insert from Google Drive".

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