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Integration google drive


We used google drive for repository documents. I don't see any integration with google drive ? Do you have a roadmap for this feature ?


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I've seen that this integration is working in FreshDesk, why not in FreshService ?

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Would love that as well..



+1 for sure!  This would really allow us to move our FreshService implementation forward.

Hi All,

We have a Freshplug for Google drive integration, please refer the solution article. You can paste this code inside a script box in Freshplug (Go to Admin > Integrations > Freshplug tab). 

This lets agents attach documents, images, etc to their ticket replies and notes from the Google Drive account.


Freshservice Product Team


Thank you for this answer, however I cannot access the link :/



@vincent - Apologies. Here's the updated link to our solution article. 

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Thank you !

A more native integration I hope is to follow? The plug requires setup and configuration. Asana has a nice implementation of a Google Drive integration for comparison.

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