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Week start


In freshservice the week start on Sunday (for exemple on the calendar display on a new task)

Is it possible to add a parameter (or automatically depending on local country chosen) to start it on Monday for exemple ?

Thanks !

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Yes, this would be good for us too

This would be much appreciated! Definitely a quality of life improvement!

It would be great for us as well, majority of world refers to ISO8601 where Monday is the first day of week. Our company is located in Germany and mostly in Europe, not USA, nor India, so current view of calendar leads to frustration of our users.


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That would be very useful for us too. We already received questions from our users about this.


Any chance on answer in this topic? It seems to be needed.


I raised this request at our CSM recently and also sent him the link to this feature request. Hopefully that gets implemented soon.


 In our case, it would also be a very important option. The fact that the week starts on Sundays usually causes some errors when choosing the date.

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