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Ability to Customize Ticket Source List Items

Currently the dropdown for the source of the ticket is limited to what is hard coded. It would be extremely beneficial to allow this list to be customized. For example, if Freshservice is being used for an internal helpdesk, we need the ability to add things like walk-in or verbal ticket sources, instead of just Chat, or Phone, etc. 

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This is a basic feature requirement - why can the Source field not be customised? I need to report on this.

Totally agree. It's proven to be possible expanding it with apps, but one shouldn't need to create a fake app just to put in a difference source!

My bosses are asking me when this feature will be available. Is there any ETA?

we also need it changing  for raising ticket were it auto put in phone.

we've never taken a call via the phone ours are all emails or walk ups

wondering if there is any update on this feature

It is sad that Freshservice do not give priority to some basic functionalities like the above. These are voice of your customers, new features are always welcome but this a very basic requirement and been there for quite a while now. Hopefully you will look at these comments and implement them. Thanks,
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