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Ability to Customize Ticket Source List Items

Currently the dropdown for the source of the ticket is limited to what is hard coded. It would be extremely beneficial to allow this list to be customized. For example, if Freshservice is being used for an internal helpdesk, we need the ability to add things like walk-in or verbal ticket sources, instead of just Chat, or Phone, etc. 

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This is a basic feature requirement - why can the Source field not be customised? I need to report on this.

Totally agree. It's proven to be possible expanding it with apps, but one shouldn't need to create a fake app just to put in a difference source!

My bosses are asking me when this feature will be available. Is there any ETA?

we also need it changing  for raising ticket were it auto put in phone.

we've never taken a call via the phone ours are all emails or walk ups

wondering if there is any update on this feature

It is sad that Freshservice do not give priority to some basic functionalities like the above. These are voice of your customers, new features are always welcome but this a very basic requirement and been there for quite a while now. Hopefully you will look at these comments and implement them. Thanks,


Apologies for not replying to this post for so long. 

This is something that we are working on this quarter.  From this thread and other feedback, I believe these are the 3 core use cases around sources. 

1. Deletion some of the default sources. We have default sources such as Yammer, Workplace etc. These are not relevant to most of the organizations, therefore the IT teams want to delete these sources. 

2. Assignment of source while creating ticket. A lot of times employees walk up to the IT teams to raise a ticket, but when an agent creates such a ticket, the source is set to Phone by default. Agents want to be able to edit the source while creating a ticket. 

3. Creation of custom sources. I would love to hear use cases for this one, the more specific, the better :)

This will also help with some of the other things we are building such as Alert Management (Tickets created in Freshservice from a network monitoring tool) and integration with some of the enterprise messaging tools. If you are interested in any of these as well, leave a comment below, I will get in touch with you. :)



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"2. Assignment of source while creating ticket. A lot of times employees walk up to the IT teams to raise a ticket, but when an agent creates such a ticket, the source is set to Phone by default. Agents want to be able to edit the source while creating a ticket. "    

Not just be able to edit the source, but able to change the default.   (Or at least delete "Phone".)  I literally never have a time when a ticket is created due to a phone call.

My top sources would be  "Walkup",  "Slack",  "Text message",  or "Email"     

Great to hear this is planned for development.

All three user cases stated apply to us.

User Case 1 - Deletion of Sources: while deletion would be the preferred option, if we had the option to toggle sources on or off, that would be just as helpful. t

We would remove the following existing sources - Yammer, PagerDuty, Slack, Workplace, AWS Cloudwatch

User Case 3: Other Sources: Would be great to be able to add them ourselves when needed, but if they need to be coded, we would want to include Teams, Admin (so we can exclude tickets created due to IT reviews, scheduled IT tasks), Azure (or Microsoft Alerts)

It would also be useful to be able to rearrange the order of Sources as the main sources we manually select are Phone and Chat/Skype

The other current feature that is an annoyance, is when User A creates a ticket for user B, and the source defaults to Phone, even though User A has used the Portal and is not an Agent. The source should default to Portal if the User is a standard Requestor/Customer and not an agent.

hi Joe,

We would be interested in knowing more about how to build integration with Alert Management and Enterprise messaging tools



Hi Joe. Appreciate the update. For my team, our top sources are "Phone", "Email", "Online Forms" & "Chat". 

I'm also keen on the Alert Management aspect, as we are using Network Monitoring tools to generate alerts for ticket creation. We can have up to 200 alerts generated daily which have different severity levels / SLAs. 


- Ashraf.

@Prithi and @Ashraf

thanks for the response. I will reach out to you through email and set some time for a call. 


We would require Online Portal/form , walk up 

We are moving away from email tickets as our users included the SD in to conversations that we dont need to be in and just raise ticket by adding more and more people into the conversation,

Recently purchased Fresh service > this has been a very common complaint from my team of over 50. Seems like an extremely basic function to not have in place for a fairly mature program. Based on this thread, it sounds like fresh service is trying to refine the list, not give customers the ability to customize. The answer seems pretty straight forward (in my humble opinion) - base the list on your existing support channels (Phone, EMail, Portal, Widget) - Defaults/cannot delete. Then give the customer the ability to add custom fields as needed (Walkup, monitoring, Text, chat, etc.). Is there a timeline for any changes? Trying to provide my team details and positives for switching to this system. 

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Hi David

The approach we have taken is similar to what you have suggest. Indicative timeline for this is Q1. 



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