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Ability to Customize Ticket Source List Items

Currently the dropdown for the source of the ticket is limited to what is hard coded. It would be extremely beneficial to allow this list to be customized. For example, if Freshservice is being used for an internal helpdesk, we need the ability to add things like walk-in or verbal ticket sources, instead of just Chat, or Phone, etc. 

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We too are interested in this change

Any news from Product Management on time for implementation? 

I agree, I'd like the option to 1. Choose the source as I create a ticket and 2. Customize the source options

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I'd like that aswell.

Amending the source list would be most helpful.  Mainly to get rid of the excess default options that we are never going to use that just clutters up the list

i agree we need to be able to customize the source fields

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How are you getting on with this guys. We really need the ability to customise this list, I see this conversation was started 2 years ago - an update would be greatly appreciated.

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Please update the status on this. If you cannot edit the Sources, at least allow us to hide the unnecessary ones.

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I'd like to have the option to edit sources as well.

This is very important. I want to add custom source. 


Dear Freshservice, any updates on this? Is it somehow possible to hide unwanted values and add our own?

Seriously? Three years later and this still hasn't been done? What's the problem? 

This is something we need as well

As mentioned above: when an agent creates a ticket (via "New Ticket"), its source internally defaults to "Phone", without even showing this setting to the agent -- let alone allowing the agent to override it.

In those cases where "Phone" does not accurately describe the ticket's true source: not only is it frustrating to have such an inaccuracy irreversibly forced upon the ticket, but it also creates confusion with regard to Freshcaller-originated tickets (that correctly do have "Phone" as their source)!

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I can't believe this has been (a) outstanding and (b) needed by many for over three years.

We would most certainly welcome the ability to customize the values available in the source list.

Can we please update this so that we can choose our own sources? We're a cable company and would like to be able to specify whether a customer has reported an issue, an installer, a field technician, etc...

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