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Ability to Customize Ticket Source List Items

Currently the dropdown for the source of the ticket is limited to what is hard coded. It would be extremely beneficial to allow this list to be customized. For example, if Freshservice is being used for an internal helpdesk, we need the ability to add things like walk-in or verbal ticket sources, instead of just Chat, or Phone, etc. 

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Agreed. We had this problem with Freshdesk too (we recently migrated to Freshservice)

We've had to resort to user a custom field for this purpose. Not a great solution

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This. Our organization too has walkups (I would imagine most do) and its key to be able to measure the volume that comes in via walkups so that we can adjust staffing levels. 

Please add this ability. 

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Adding my agreement to this. It would be very useful to be able to add ticket sources to the dropdown..

I agree. Ability to change the list values to accommodate other forms of communication, e.g., walk-in, text, would be very helpful.

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As we have more and more app-users, we are having support requests submitted directly from the apps. These all come in as "email" and it would be very beneficial for us to know which ones were actually from an app, instead of pure email.

Bumping this topic, as it would be a very useful feature.

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The majority of my tickets are opened via walk-in, not phone or email, so this would be extremely useful.

Also the ability to change the default from "Phone" to something else.

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Thanks for your inputs. We understand that Walk-ups are common with internal helpdesks, so we are currently working on adding 'Walk-up' as a source for tickets. This should be available in the coming weeks. After that, we will explore the possibility of adding custom source for tickets.  


Freshservice Product Team

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Appears to be live for those waiting on this, well not custom option but more choices

Appears to be live for those waiting on this, well not custom option but more choices

Appears to be live for those waiting on this, well not custom option but more choices

I don't even see a way to change source.   If you create an incident, it just defaults to "phone".   I had to add a secondary "source" field and ignore the built in one to have accurate source info.   

(You can change it AFTER creating the incident, yes, but that's not helpful.)   

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Any update on how to change the default source?  

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I'll reiterate the desire to change the default source. Also, is there a way to add the Source drop down to the agent ticket form?

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