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iOS Notifications for new tickets

I do a lot of my work on the iOS app as I'm mobile most of the time. It would be really good to get some iOS notifications happening for new tickets that you can have pop up like new email, or SMS messages. We're a small team, so catching new tickets early, whilst being mobile, is essential.

This would really help.

Thanks and regards

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All my notifications are enabled, but no notification for new tickets. What I must to do?

I do have all notifications enabled and do not get notified for new tickets?  Whats the deal

We do have the impression that the push notifications on IOS aren't always working.

For exemple when somebody gets an Approval Request.

If we send a Approval request to a Android user he gets the notification.

If we send a Approval request to a iOS user they don't get the notification.

All PUSH notifications are enabled.

Do other people also have this issue?

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Android & iOS apps with push notifications are now available.



Please update your app & let us know what you think!

The Android app update with push notifications is now available here. Pls share any feedback you have here. The iOS app update should be available by end of the month.

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This is awesome news!

Quick update on App notifications :

This is currently in testing & should soon be submitted to the App stores for review. Please expect to see an app update by the end of this month. 

Hi All,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. 

App notifications are coming ! On both iOS & Android ! 

We are working on app notifications now and the updated apps should be ready in a few weeks.  Mobile is an important area of focus for us, so stay tuned for several other improvements coming to our native apps in the coming months. 

Please keep using the forums for your feedback & let us know what you'd like to see in the product. 

We're listening. And hearing from you reminds us who we're doing all of this for  -  you, our customers ! 

- FreshService Product Team

+1 for app notifications. To me, it would make this tool so much more valuable. 

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Add me to the list. This is a definite problem in my opinion.

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Really need to add another voice to this.  Its bordering on unacceptable to not include notifications in an app whose primary function is to notify you of things.

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I'll chime in as well - having notification in the mobile app would be very helpful. I carry my phone with me everywhere and its easier to be notified that way instead of getting an email for each new ticket. I already get way too many emails! :-)

I definitely agree - very needed on the mobile app (not just iOS). I have no idea when a new ticket comes in unless I'm checking my email on my phone, which is not often during off hours.


Notifications in general would be useful, whether it be iOS or Android.  Probably easier in Android since the iOS notifications are half baked and a pale imitation of Android.

Of course, that's an inflammatory statement just to rile up the Apple folks, said in jest.  :)  

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