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In Observer Rules, allow email to be sent to anyone

In the Observer actions, emails can only be sent to the requestor, agent or agent group. I need to be able to send notifications to someone who is not any of these things. There should be an additional option to send an email to a user-defined email address.

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While this would be convenient, I understand why it hasn't been implemented as such.  This would minimize the requirement of buying more licenses for more agents.  Since you could send to "" and tell them to reply to you when the issue is resolved.

Those "random_technician" accounts, I made occasional agents instead.  If they aren't logging in much, doesn't hurt me much with the day passes.


That may be how you use it, but that's not how we use it at all. I need notifications to go to external contacts based on completion of workflows, it has nothing to do with agents. These are not people who need to action anything. They are sort of a requester, but not even really that, more like a "read only" role.

Every business is different.


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Bethany -- I agree completely. In my own case, I need certain parameters on an incident ticket to trigger a notification to someone in the accounting department (I'll spare you the details). But it has nothing to do with HelpDesk.

Would be an extremely useful capability.

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A good work around (for now at least), is to create whomever you need to be notified as an Occasional Agent. You never have to actually pay anything if they never log in. But once they're defined as an Occasional Agent, you can then send them notifications.

A little wonky, I know, and I don't like setting up people as any kind of Agent when they are NOT -- but it's at least a feasible work-around for now.

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This would be useful in the Workflow Automator as it would allow automation of more tasks.  It is currently limited by the persons I am able to notify.  I need to be able to send emails to other people in the business who are not agents.

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