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Add service catalog item to ticket after creation

Tickets often come in through email for service catalog items. Once it's in, the agents need a way to add the service catalog item, or "convert" it to that catalog item, so that the proper form fields are available on the ticket as they should be.

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This would be huge for us too. we rely on service catalog items to kick off tasks and perform some other automation, it would be great to convert an email ticket to a service catalog item.

Hi Bethanu and Jgalt,

  Thank you for suggesting this. We are planning to take this up


Shihab Muhammed

I see this as being very useful too.

This is insanely important to us. One reason it's so important, is that we value the fact that users don't necessarily need to use the Freshservice web interface to create tickets. If they e-mail a tech, even, we simply forward it and the ticket is created as submitted by the user. But if that user is requesting something, we would either need to tell them to resubmit what they just told us in the ticket, by logging in to the web interface and creating such a service request, OR we would do it ourselves. Either way is a hassle. Either the user laments the time they wasted submitting a ticket that turns out to be useless and they have to go into a web interface they never use and yada yada, OR the tech staring at the ticket needs to tell the user "I'll create a service request for you," close the ticket, open a new service request ticket, and yada yada. 

This shortcoming of not allowing a workflow between ticket types shows up, also, in the fact that service catalog requests cannot be fulfilled from the request itself. It's just a special kind of ticket, without any ability to act on it from within the ticket. To fulfill a request, the tech needs to separately go out to inventory and assign an item to the user. 

Which reminds me that since relationships are reciprocal, it should be possible to add  assets to users while viewing those requesters. 

Argh, worse -- am I right that product catalog and service catalog are separate? Users can request services but not products? So items in inventory are connected to products, whereas items users can request aren't? That's a real problem. If we want users to be able to request things that may be assigned to them, we have to actually create BOTH a product AND a service catalog item, that links to the product? That's kind of crazy, no? 

I'm beginning to think that there's far less integration between what users can request, what items are in inventory (CMDB), and what items are specified as particular products. 

Also, if a user wants a "headset", there may be 5 different models created as products. Wouldn't it make more sense, if those who create the products (and make it possible for users to request them as "service catalog items") are in control of knowing which specifications will meet particular user requirements, to be able to attach multiple products to a service catalog item? That is, a particular request for one KIND of thing, could be fulfilled by any of several MODELS (products) for that thing. 

I'm just seeing some serious deficiencies here as we consider whether to license Freshservice. 

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Would also like to see this implemented. Is there a status? 

+1 up vote for this feature.

Agents need to update service requests after creation to cater to requester's real needs -- Being able to add suitable service requests is very useful.

I brought this up to my account team and they presented me with a workaround, it's not ideal. You need to trigger the workflow by the modification of another field instead of just when a service request is raised. So your workflow item would be if a service request is raised or a if a field's value is changed to signify that the service request is activated. 

By the way, it is a little disappointing that 4 years later and no action.

Well, there is another solution that's not ideal...

1) Change ticket type to "Incident", then immediately convert back to "Service Item"

   At this point, all of original service items are lost. This is the drawback that makes this solution not ideal.

2) Then the ticket will now have "Add Item" button under "Requested items" tab.

  Oddly, agent can now freely add any service catalog items, as many as they want.

I'd suggest simply make this "Add Item" button available at all times -- without the meaningless conversion operation...

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