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Project Management?

Has anyone utilized Freshservice (or Freshdesk for that matter) in any type of project management capacity?

We've experiment with using problems as "projects", since a project is going to have a change and release associated with it.

There's also usually a incident as well to keep that as the communication with the person requesting the project. If the project request is someone in the IT department, we haven't been creating an incident ticket in those situations.

The main challenges were facing with this approach

1) Sorting and filtering of problems (and changes and releases for that matter) pales in comparison to sorting and filtering of tickets. There's not "All Unresolved" problems view and no way to "create" one. I posted a feature request,, for that. Please go vote it if you think you'd like it.

2) Using Problems as proejcts seems like we're doing it wrong.

Anyone have an suggestions or ideas?

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Filter option for Problems, Changes and Releases are coming soon, David. I am afraid I can't promise an ETA, but it is definitely coming soon. :)

Thanks, that will help.

I am still curious how any other customers have used Freshservice and Freshdesk for project management

+1 (we use Freshdesk, haven't tried FreshService yet)

It would be great if there was a tie-in for Project Management. I didn't see any offerings for integrations with other services. 

So building something directly into the system would be really helpful. Being able to apply the SLA logic to them for pushing project phases along would be marvelous. 


Have you checked out our integration with Zapier? It will give you access to some cool project management tools you can integrate Freshservice with. Is there any specific tool you use for project management that we can look into?


We don't have anything at the moment, it's been done in a local excel file up till now.

I've been looking at numerous apps for this, including some that integrate with Zapeir like basecamp, thanks for the heads up.

Great! Do let us know what works! :)

We are big Asana and Slack users. In fact, our workflow is based on Freshservice for Helpdesk, Asana for Project Management, and Slack for Communication.

I'll look into Zapier integrations, but I would LOVE to see a native Freshservice/Asana integration. Not exactly sure the details of what that would look like, but keeping those two "worlds" in sync would be greatly beneficial.

Filters for problem, change and release has been shipped. 


We will be getting Slack integration soon in Freshservice. Regarding Asana, I have conveyed it to the team. I will update you when I hear back about the feasibility from them.


Does anyone use the Project Management part of Fresh Service without using other apps along with Zapier?

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