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Better right-to-left language support


I was wondering, is there a future plan to better support right-to-left languages? 

The current text editor (e.g. in the solutions section) offers a right-alignment option, but since the writing direction doesn't actually change, we have a hard time composing articles in Hebrew; The punctuation marks are reversed and writing an english word in the middle of the sentence, masses up the order of the whole sentence. 

Since we're based in Israel, we would obviously need to write the articles, tickets/comments themselves in Hebrew, but still have english phrases for describing things like paths, menu items, etc.

For now in the Solutions section we are attaching PDF files instead of using the built-in text editor, and with comments we have to respond via e-mail only.. So it's not like we can't work, but we don't get the benefit (full features) of Freshservice, and it's a bit difficult to work around. 

if this is something that could go into your future plans, I would love to see it fixed. 


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Hi Michael - same request here at another Thread.. We wait for that too :)

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