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Rules - action to remove tag

There's already an available action to add a tag. 

I'd like an action to be able to remove a tag.

For Example:

I have several categories, one of them is called "Project" the rest are based on the time of issue it is (email, phone, etc).

I'd like to be able to use the filters to show tickets that are in the category "Project". I'd also like to be able to see tickets that are NOT in the category "Project".

The first one is easy to do.

The only way to do the other one is to select every other category besides project.

My idea on how to get around this uses tags.

I can have a Observer rule that Adds a tag "Not-Project" when the category is not Project.

But later if that ticket's category was changed to project, I'd want to have a rule that Removed the tag "Not-Project" when the category IS Project

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