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See everything I'm assigned (Tickets, Problems, Changes, And Releases)

As an agent, I can be assigned a ticket, a problem, and change or a release.

If I want to see everything I'm assigned I have to check 4 separate screens.

I'd like a way to see everything that I'm assigned in one view. I'm not sure where this would make the most sense to be?

Perhaps it could be a "panel" on the dashboard, similar to the "My Tasks" panel on the dashboard.

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Having a single pane of glass to review all assigned items (tasks, tickets, projects, changes, releases, problems, etc. would be immensely helpful. A calendar is less helpful because that only shows due dates, I want a “working list” of items I know I need to be working on. A calendar is good for reference of the overall work window across time, but the list is more task-oriented and useful for day to day work.

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I have mocked up an idea for making Tasks more helpful. Right now, if an agent loses track of an email about a task, there is nothing helpful on screen for them to be reminded of pending tasks. As attached, if there were an easy link to access tasks, close to the ticket list links, the agent would have help remembering to look for tasks. Also if there were a number badge associated with the task icon (inclusive of my tasks and tasks assigned to my group but no agent), that would be an additional helpful visual clue.

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