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See everything I'm assigned (Tickets, Problems, Changes, And Releases)

As an agent, I can be assigned a ticket, a problem, and change or a release.

If I want to see everything I'm assigned I have to check 4 separate screens.

I'd like a way to see everything that I'm assigned in one view. I'm not sure where this would make the most sense to be?

Perhaps it could be a "panel" on the dashboard, similar to the "My Tasks" panel on the dashboard.

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Having a single pane of glass to review all assigned items (tasks, tickets, projects, changes, releases, problems, etc. would be immensely helpful. A calendar is less helpful because that only shows due dates, I want a “working list” of items I know I need to be working on. A calendar is good for reference of the overall work window across time, but the list is more task-oriented and useful for day to day work.

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