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See everything I'm assigned (Tickets, Problems, Changes, And Releases)

As an agent, I can be assigned a ticket, a problem, and change or a release.

If I want to see everything I'm assigned I have to check 4 separate screens.

I'd like a way to see everything that I'm assigned in one view. I'm not sure where this would make the most sense to be?

Perhaps it could be a "panel" on the dashboard, similar to the "My Tasks" panel on the dashboard.

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Hi David,

  We are working on Freshservice calendar. This will help you to see everything assigned to you with due date . Let me know this works for you


Shihab Muhammed

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An "Agent Home" would probably be more useful than a calendar. I, too, would find a list of everything assigned in one place to be helpful. Maybe having the option of seeing this in either a calendar or a list would be a good option to give people, as I wouldn't personally find a calendar view very easy to work with. It would limit your view of items to the month you are looking at, and you'd have to scroll back and forth to see everything.


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I think a calendar view could be helpfull, but a list is probably more what I'd look for first. 

There's alot of similarity between those 4 different items. I can image a view that looks very similar to the individual lists, but just shows all of them, perhaps grouped by each kind.

Of course the ability to filter similar to tickets would also be useful in that situation, but I'd take a combined list to start.

{EDIT 12-Jan-2015 - 11:41 AM PST - 2nd paragraph: corrected to "grouped by each kind")

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Yes, a list view that aggregates the different types of top-level items would be useful.  I was surprised not to find it.  Should it also include Tasks?  

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Hi ,

I agree calendar has a limitation of time. But sometimes it will help us to focus on whats today's Due.  We will be giving option to see Daily , Weekly, and Monthly. 

Currently a list view is not in plan , as all these objects (Incident , Problem, Change..etc) are of different kind and its going to be just a list where we can't do any action other than just a link.  Currently this view is available when you search . 



We really need more of a unified agent "home" that bring together everything we are assigned, including all ticket types and tasks. The calendar is also useful, but it's useful for different things, and it only shows tasks anyway. Most of our agents don't bother to create a task for every ticket.

I don't mean one list, the lists of tickets can still be separate, but I need ONE place to look to see everything on my plate, and to make sure I haven't forgotten something. I hardly EVER look at the Dashboard, the feed is just not very useful, and that's the only place I can see my list of tasks in one place! VERY inefficient.


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Muhammed, why can't you put together a page that brings together a window into each type of ticket (ticket, problem, change, release) with a filter selector for each, and a list of tasks. No need to try to integrate them into one list just yet, just having them all in one place would be a HUGE benefit. When you can, get them all on the calendar view and that will help as well.

I'd like to hear where this is on the roadmap, there haven't been any updates for a long time.


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+1 for "everything I'm assigned" in Calendar

+2 for "Agent Home" 1 screen. "everything I'm assigned" in Dashboard

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I agree that we really need one place to see all of our commitments! It's impossible to effectively manage all or commitments with the current views/tools built into FreshService. I want to take the Agent Home idea to the next level...

It would be awesome if we had the ability to weigh work items(tickets, problems, changes, releases) based on priority per each work item so we can clearly see a view of what is the most important for us to work on. Everyone in IT always has a long backlog of commitments and future projects and it just becomes unmanageable. 

We were planning to utilize the FreshService API to make a dynamic list based on the attached weights per work item but I am hopeful FreshService can make this or similar function within the product. It would make our individual and team planning so much more effective if we could clearly see what all our commitments are both individually or as a team. From a manager's standpoint this would allow us to know what we are and not committing to and prioritize our work and resources clearly and keep everyone on the same track.


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I completely agree! It would be nice to have a list where we can see everything in one view. 

Giving the ability to sort would be phenomenal, and it would give us the ability to view priorities along the same lines as the sort order Jeff provided!

Please consider this!

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Can we get an update on progress/plans feedback from Freshservice?

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Really looking forward to this. Freshservice, any input? Any?

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Any update on this, is this already planned or not? A reply from the product team would be nice.

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I would like an everything screen too.  Including tasks. 

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