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Ability to link more than one release to a change.

Could I request that the ability to link more than one release to a change is added/considered please.

As part of our workflow there are numerous occasions where there could be 3 or 4 release off the back of one change request but currently it appears you  can only link one release to the change.

Many thanks in advance :)

Hi Craig,

You have the ability to link multiple changes to a release and not the other way around. If you do need to implement multiple tasks to fulfil a change request, you can add these actions as individual 'Tasks' under the linked release. You can assign each of these tasks to different agents and set due by dates for each of them. Hope this helps. 



Hi Jyotsna,

Thanks for that advice, i'll look to use the tasks as a work around, could I still request that multiple releases from a change are looked at as a possible feature going forward please as it follows our workflow and i'm sure many others

Hi Any update on this please? As an example we could have a change request that requires multiple deployments of databases and clients to a test environment and production as  part of a single change, being able to separate out the release required would really be beneficial

Is this something in the roadmap as it's really important to our and i'm sure many others workflow

Hi Folks,

Could I please request if this is something that is being considered or close as it currently is forcing us to keep our release management handled by a separate tool

Please could someone come back to me on this one as it's a real workflow killer for us, then at least when I know if it's not something planned to be added we can work out our alternative work flow.

Bumping for an update if possible

Bumping to see if there is an update, really would help our workflow

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