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Mac agent

I would like a apple agent for our mac's. This would be great.

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We are evaluating now and this would be a huge asset to the system. The discovery probe is ok but when there are multiple sites and perhaps different customers and also mobile employees then an agent reporting back every so often would be invaluable.

Another thought on this if you have no plans at all for client agents. What about a Mac or Linux or both discovery tool. This way if there are multiple sites and some all mac its easier to have running on each site for more regular updates. 

Be very interested to hear on anything else that is planned as having a windows discovery tool is very limiting for some customers and particularly service providers as we are.

We also need a mac agent due to limitations with IP scanning and multiple sites.

Hi All ,

 Mac agent is available now . Please download new probe version



Where would I find this? I'm pretty new having just started the trial today. A Mac agent is a must for me, this really makes me happy.

Hi Paul, welcome aboard!

You can download the discovery tool (Probe) from Admin> Discovery.

The installation wizard gives you the options to import users and scan your network during setup. The 'Scan Network' step gives you the option to Download the agent (as shown in the screenshot posted by Shihab).

Hope it helps :)

PS. If you happen to skip the step during setup, you can always access the download link from Probe's Settings> Configuration.

I was able to locate what I needed.

Thanks very much!

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