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Change title of service catalog request so they don't all look the same

One of the things I am noticing is that when I get a lot of the same kind of service catalog requests, they all look identical in the list. The description that appears is also the same for every one. I can go in and manually change the title on every one, but it might be nice to have something a little more automatic that the user would complete

For example: Leave the Subject and Description fields on the catalog items and let the user fill that out like normal. Either append the Subject to the catalog item in the title, or have the service catalog item show some other way on the list.

It would be nice in general to have another field for the catalog item instead of just the title. I'd love to be able to filter for all the items for a specific catalog item, for example.

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I was about to request this, but the search feature found a similar request so I will post here.

Right now we have a few service catalog items that would benefit from having a field appended to the title. For example... all of our on-boarding requests come in as "On-boarding Request" when it would be really helpful to have it automatically append the name of the new employee from a custom field inside the Service Catalog Item like "On-boarding Request - NewHireName" 

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We have recently introduced freshservice and this problem was the first thing our agents picked up on. Makes it quite difficult to filter through your requests especially when as part of your role you typically get the same type of service request. 

We have the same issue and it would be nice if something could be appended to the title to make it easier to work with and follow. At the moment we edit the ticket and change the name which requires additional steps/work.

Furthermore to this, when a requestor logs a service request they see the same Title when clicking on "your tickets" on the homepage. Creates a lot of confusion. 

This problem is actually driving our agents and requestor's a bit nuts! Can this be given some priority. 

Another problem that is happening as a cause of this, when a requestor receives an update or resolved notification to a service request ticket, there is no indication of what it relates to. The user would need to go freshservice, look up the service request number to view what it was originally logged for. This is a problem particularly when they have logged multiple service requests of the same type. 

Sorry for the delayed response.

This is definitely inconvenient, especially when a specific service is requested several times. We are implementing a solution for this very soon.

Like Jeff suggested, the requester’s name will be added to the subject line to help differentiate service requests.

I'm not sure name would be very helpful at all, since you can already see the requestors name in the list. What would be helpful is having a "subject' field just like a regular ticket, and have the system just append the service catalog item name before it. So the list would look something like:

Install Software - I need Visio 2013 on my laptop

Install Software - Can you upgrade my Office version?

Install Software - SnagIt

...or whatever else the user enters in the subject

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Or better yet - treat the subject just like any other ticket and leave it alone, and show the service catalog item in another way. You could show a badge on the ticket list, for example. I assume eventually there will be a way to attach more than one item to a ticket, and this would be a more effective way as you are going to run into "subject line conflict" with your current method.

Attached is an example of what I am talking about - what it looks like now, and what it could look like with a badge instead. You could have more than one badge this way, and even allow people to assign badge colors at the item category level. It would be a great visual marker without creating this "blank" list thing we have now.

(52.5 KB)

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I wasn't asking for the requester. I wanted something appended from a custom field, like the actual new hire's name. Requester name will not help as about 90% of our on-boardings come from a single HR employee. I meant more like this. see attachment.

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Bethany's solution nails it to the wall for me and allows the system to grow and expand naturally :)

Me too, Bethany your second solution makes comes sense. Would love to see this implemented. 

@FreshService team - I'm not suggesting, by the way, that you put all that functionality in there right now.

Any modification here would have to start with separating the catalog item names and descriptions from the subject and description of the ticket, which are obviously tied right now. None of us know your code, so we don't really know how big of a request that is. However, I think in the long run that's the only way you're going to be able to 1) make it easier to read in the list and 2) allow more than one item on a ticket.

If that change can be made, this request can be fulfilled by simply putting the subject line (and/or description) in the catalog item form like they are on any other ticket, and putting the catalog item name in a badge somewhere.

Later, as the system develops, you can expand the functionality with badge colors by category, etc. - whatever makes sense for where you want the tool to go.

Hi all, I think the change that was implemented has actually made this no better. The requester's name is readily available in the second line of the ticket in most views. It's actually pushed some of the important information offscreen and is a nuisance. I would vote to have this change of adding the requester's name rolled back and something more useful be implemented. I did speak to someone at Freshservice and they heard my concern. I do not see a a benefit from replicating the users name in the subject line when it is available directly below. I know not all use cases are the same. Anyone else ?

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I agree Jeff, the recent change has not improved this at all for me. I go in an edit the subject line of ever request to make it specific to the case, and this has no alleviated the need to do that at all. 

I still think the subject should be made available to the user at the time of submission, and the catalog item should be shows on the list in a badge. That would be visually helpful.

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