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Change title of service catalog request so they don't all look the same

One of the things I am noticing is that when I get a lot of the same kind of service catalog requests, they all look identical in the list. The description that appears is also the same for every one. I can go in and manually change the title on every one, but it might be nice to have something a little more automatic that the user would complete

For example: Leave the Subject and Description fields on the catalog items and let the user fill that out like normal. Either append the Subject to the catalog item in the title, or have the service catalog item show some other way on the list.

It would be nice in general to have another field for the catalog item instead of just the title. I'd love to be able to filter for all the items for a specific catalog item, for example.

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Agree with Jeff and Bethany also. Would love to see a fix soon!

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Any word on an update to change this?

Have just started using Freshservice and it's annoying not being able to see what the service request is for at a glance

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Hi There, 

When are we likely to see a resolution to this problem? This is increasingly frustrating. What is also occurring is when a user requests something from the service catalog, they receive an email with the title and description of the service item. If that user was to request the same service item again and again (quite often the case), how do they differentiate from the previously logged request/s (besides the service request ID)?

Again, the ability to append a "Title" to service request items would help end user's differentiate their requests. What also would be good is to remove the "description" field from the email they receive and append custom fields, if present. 

We also need a fix for this very soon. Meanwhile we have to rename everything as the current title is not acceptable. I like the previous suggestions, but I would like even more control over the subject-ticket title. If there were a set of variables you could use to build your own title line, we'd all be able to make it work how we want it. For example





When configuring a Service Request item, there would be a system field to add these variables to:

%Requester% - %Subject% by %Requester%

This is quite common in CRM/CRM systems. Syntactically you can follow the Liquid format used for other formatting templates in FS.

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Thanks for all your comments & suggestions on this issue. 

While adding the requester's name to the subject line helped in some cases, it sounds like it didn't address the underlying issue here. We're now looking at a solution that does provide users more control over what they can see in the tickets list view. Stay tuned for more updates , we'll share more specifics with you soon. 

And please keep using the forums for your feedback & let us know what you'd like to the see in the product. We're listening!

- FreshService Product Team

Any updates on this effort? Thanks

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Hi everyone, 

Sorry for the delayed response. We are working on a solution that will allow the admin to configure the service request subject at the item level i.e. For a New employee Hire service item, the admin can configure the subject of this service request to include custom fields of the item such as Employee name, Employee ID, Department, Job Role etc., allowing agents to filter/search for service requests by specific fields of the item on the ticket list view page. This feature will be available by early Q3 of 2016. 

Please check back here for more updates on this enhancement. 


Freshservice Product Team

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Hi everyone,

Admins can now customise the service request title with default and custom fields of the service item (on the service item creation page). 


Go to Admin -> Service Catalog. Create a new service item OR choose as existing item. 

You can customise the service request subject under this section. 

Thank your for all the suggestions. Would love to hear your feedback on this feature! 


Freshservice Product Team

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