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Advanced search function

It would be nice if there was an option to make some advanced searches. 

E.g. when I know the ticket number it would be nice to have a quick-jump to at ticket no.

And just in general to make searches with AND/OR operators in the search

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Hi Frederick,

The option to search for tickets by ticket number is already available on Freshservice. As for making searches with AND/OR operators in the search, could you give me an example of what you have in mind? 



Hi Frederik,

A simple 'hack' to jump to a ticket when you know the number is to type the ticket number into the URL, eg, I am in the tickets view and need to jump to to ticket 10547 all I need to do is change


I hope you find this useful!



I know this is an old post but I can't see any other reference to within the forum/support pages.

I'd like to know if there is a way to search for tickets using an AND operator - default appears to be OR. Alternatively I can search for an exact phrase by using "exact phrase in parenthesis". 

The issue I'm having is that we have around 10,000 tickets and at times I need to dig out historic tickets that I know contain certain keywords but I don't necessarily know an exact phrase to search on. 


A scenario where staff PDAs are not receiving jobs we send down due to a particular app being installed as part of Android OS. 

If I search: 

PDA jobs web 

I get every ticket with ANY of those words rather than ALL of those words. Is there a way to do this in FreshService? I've tried appending each word with + and & but to no avail.



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to put my example into a little more context... I know that the offending app is called "web <something>"

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