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Make custom fields available in email inserted values

It would be great if there were a way to insert custom field values in emails.

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I agree with this.

For service requests we create "Custom Fields" when we put in custom check boxes or custom boxes, drop downs, etc.  But these custom fields aren't actual fields that we can use later.

Here is an example.  I created a service request called "New Hire" the first couple boxes are - 

First name:  ________  Last name: __________    Date of Hire: ________

I'd like to use that First name and Last name field to automatically fill out an email template that goes out like so:

Subject {Custom Field 1 } {Custom Field 2} - New Hire {Custom Field 3}


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Hey Nicholas,

Not sure if you noticed but this has been rolled out for Service Requests.



You can add custom fields that are setup on the ticket level, but you still can't add custom fields that are part of a Service Request from Service Catalog - which was what I was talking about (unless I am missing something)

This is perhaps one of the most important features you can have in this system, especially in light of confidentiality. Assume this scenario: an HR service catalog contains a lot of information for On Boarding of a new employee. Including potential salary. A very piece of confidential information.

All the information in this service request needs to go to I.T. as an email, EXCEPT the salary information. 

I almost got there another way by making Salary a separate service catalog item and used the Additional Items functionality in the system. The issue there is that the Salary item then appears in the service catalog by itself. 

Hi Nicholas

you can use this placeholder '{{ticket.service_item_fields}}' to insert all the custom field names and values for that Service Request. 

Let me know if it helps. 

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I asked for 1 extra place holder (helpdesk number). I think there should be more even custom ones. I was told in ticket

"put the request on the forum".

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