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Add "attach CI" to automation actions

Currently there is no option to automatically attach a CI to a ticket when it comes in. In some cases, especially with Software CI's, this is very helpful to just have it automatically attached. 

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I agree with this and would like to add that if we could automatically attach a CI based on the requestor.  (i.e. automatically attach the computer CI that is attached to the requestor).  Perhaps if there was a way to create a Dispatch'r rule to accomplish this it would be flexible enough for everyone?

I agree and would also love for it to work the way Andy described - it would seem to me that the whole point of configuring a CI for each user, is that the ticket would automatically "pick up" the machine in question when said user creates a ticket.

Is this maybe something that is planned but just hasn't been implemented yet? Would love to know if its on the roadmap.

 This would be a huge win if we could get this done. Especially if you integrate your remote support tool to freshservice

Is there any update on this?

I was just scouring the Solutions to see if this was a feature of the tool. It makes perfect sense. If the asset can't be automatically associated with a ticket, at the very least I'd like to see either a Supervisor rule that can look for a Group (i.e., Hardware) and assign the hardware type (desktop or laptop) asset that matches the requester; OR the ability to create a Scenario Automation that an agent can use to easily assign the associated hardware. 

We have asset based automations on our prioritised backlog. Apart from the automation to attach an asset to a ticket, are there any other situations where an asset based automation might help?

For example, changing the ticket/change 'Priority' based on the 'Impact' of the asset. Or notifying the user managing an asset if some criteria is satisfied.

Looking forward to your inputs. 

This would be helpful as we would like to attach assets to the ticket. Specifically for when a user requests access to an application.

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