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Make applying a Scenario a 1 or 2 click action from the ticket

Currently, to get to Scenarios you have to click More > Scenarios, then pick from a list of scenarios. Since these are VERY valuable and time saving automation steps, it would be great to have a simple drop-down of scenarios to choose from right from the page instead of having it nested under More

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Hi Bethany, 

Thanks for the feedback. This is a usability enhancement that I will definitely bring to the notice of our Product team.



Hi Guys

Was this ever implemented or is on the roadmap?

We are looking for this type of usability

Lol, indeed. Seems like something that would be accomplish-able with a freshplug too. Any thoughts on implementing that way?

Agree with this. If the Scenario turns 4 clicks into 1, but it takes 3 clicks just to get to the Scenario, then it's no longer useful.

I know this is a waste of time, but 3 years on and it would be nice to have this moved to a more accessible level. Also, a scenario that adds tasks to a ticket requires a manual browser refresh to update the ticket. So again a feature that should reduce the number of clicks actually adds more unnecessary clicks.

Let me check if this is in our plan (also the browser refresh part). Meanwhile, you can just type 's' in the ticket detail page and this will open the Execute Scenario pop-up. (You can find all the keyboard shortcuts here. The shortcut hints are also available under the profile drop-down on the top right corner of the screen). 

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