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Change an incident into a catalogue item

It would be really beneficial if the feature was added to allow an incident to be changed into a catalogue item. An Instance of this would be when a user emails the servicedesk directly for a desk move for example which will then raise an incident ticket. It would be great to be able to change the incident to a service request via the catalogue selection screen. As a work around a new service request can be raised to meet what has been asked an then the tickets merged but it would be great to make that process more fluid :)

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Great feedback! We right now have the option to create a new service request from the incidents module. What we'll do it we'll bring the same option into the individual incident also. That would solve your issue right?

Hi Narain,

Yes that is exactly what i'm looking for :) that would be perfect.

I second this - the service catalog has fields that need to be completed and it would be nice to be able to change a ticket into the correct catalog item. 

Any update on this one Narain? :)

Any news on if this is on the horizon?

Any update on this at all?

Hi Craig,

Sorry for the communication gap, you can now change a record into a request or an incident from the ticket properties section. Screenshot below. 

Hope this helps.



Hi Narain,

Thanks very much for coming back to me, this really help but what I was really looking for as a feature would be that when you change the ticket to a service request you have the ability to select the type of request from the service catalogue.

For example someone just emails into the helpdesk about they would like help with setting a presentation up, this would default to being an incident. If that person phoned up my team would be able to raise it as a request item and select presentation assistance. I'd like if possible the ability to change the emailed incident to a service request by selecting the type from the catalogue selection.

Many Thanks

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Could I ask if there is any update on this one please :)

This was added a few months ago. Once you change it to a service request, you can then add one or more catalog items to the ticket manually as an agent.

What it doesn't do, unfortunately, is process any rules you have specific to that catalog item. But at least you can add it!

Thanks for pointing that out Beth, I had completely missed that :)

What I have done and not sure if it'll work for you is created a topline category called FOR IT USE and have Service request under that. Then i've created a scenario to mark a ticket as a a service request and to mark all the required fields as N/A. I guess this is very specific to our set up but you might be able to mould it some way to fit you :)

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