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Mark tickets as FTR

I have set targets for my agents to achieve a certain percentage of FCRs. 

On quite a surprising number of occasions we get a response to a resolved ticket just saying "Thanks" or "It is working now". This prevents the ticket from being shown as an FCR, even though in reality it was resolved and needs no further action. 

It would be good to be able to mark these tickets as FCR, preferably with permissions so that this function can be only available to managers. This would mean that the reporting gave a more accurate representation of the facts.



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We have the same issue but I am wondering if there is a better way to prevent this issue such as marking the email as general communication or some type of status that closes the ticket again without sending another email and would not affect reporting.

There are currently two things you can do.

1. Disable the Observer rule that reopens tickets that get a reply. 


2. Edit the Observer rule in such a way that a reply that contains 'thanks' etc are overruled. But again, a reply that says 'thanks for replying, but this doesn't work' will not be reopened. So I wouldn't personally recommend this.

Thanks for the suggestions Narain. 

I agree on point 2, there is too much of a risk of missing reopened faults, but actually I think the same applies for point 1. 

If I don't have the call automatically reopened when someone responds the team will miss tickets that have been marked resolved or closed but have failed resolutions, which is actually worse than having inaccurate FCR stats.

I don't think there is really a way to completely automate this, because there will always be ambiguity in the descriptions when a ticket is reopened, and it will take a human to decide whether it was an FCR. I think an 'Un-reopen' or 'Mark as FCR' button with permissions governing who can use it is the only way to achieve the desired effect. 



I completely agree with you. I will discuss with the team and get back to you on this.

Thanks a lot for the feedback. :)

We also have this issue. A lot of thank you emails re-opening the tickets. We don't want to disable the feature, but FCR is the only real victim in our case. We've been soft closing our tickets that get re-opened and it has worked ok for now. I would also like a better fix for this. I'm sure alot of people would. This seems like it would be a common problem for efficient helpdesks :)

Hi, I have just been testing this and cloned the existing rule to email the customer back instead of reopening the call asking them to reply with the word reopen.  I then have a different rule that checks if the last interaction contains reopen and if it does , it reopens the call.  

Seems to be working as it should at the moment but like to test even further but hope it helps others  :)



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