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Merge Incidents

Can we have the ability to set if we want to delete or close the secondary incidents when we merge them.

Personally, I'd like to delete the secondary incidents, these are usually when a client has emailed about the same thing twice etc....  But I can understand that some would like to keep the secondary incidents too.

Each month I delete about 30 calls which have been merged

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Hi Stuart,

It is never a good practice to delete tickets from the help desk. So merging might be the best option for you. And when you merge the tickets, the secondary ticket is automatically closed.

I hope this helps.


Hi Narain,

When we merge tickets for the reasons Stuart has raised, and the merged tickets are not deleted, it can really skew our statistics. I understand it's not good practice to delete valid incidents but these are not incidents in their own right.

We like to review our clients on the basis of number of tickets per head, and these merges cloud things. I also manually delete them when I merge and also do a tidy up before producing the monthly reports and have asked my team to do the same (all the information is retained in the master ticket). How can I say to a client "Your users raised 200 tickets this month" when maybe 10% of these are voicemails or replies from 3rd parties etc that have subsequently been merged?

It would be really nice to have the option to pick whether we want this behaviour, or to have the option when merging (eg a "merge and delete" button).



Or, alternatively, could you add a 5th Status of "Merged" so we could exclude them from our reporting (which is done externally in Power BI)

Experienced the same issue with our reporting.

We created an Observer Rule:

Thanks Rachael, I've pinched your rule and it's working like a dream :)

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