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Custom Ticket Field Values in Supervisor

We'd like to add a custom field value to the built status field as described in this article:

Once setup, we'd like to have the supervisor automatically change the status of the ticket after a certain amount of time has passed since the status was set to our custom value.  Currently you can chose "Hours since... (status)" but the custom values in the status list don't appear.

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Hi Rob

Thanks for your feedback on this

I assume you want custom values like - Hours since "Awaiting Customer Response" or Hours since Awaiting Developer fix etc

Correct me if I am wrong

We do have plans to improve the Supervisor field values, but there is no ETA on this.

Maybe in the next few months time, we will try to introduce Custom values

Thanks and regards

Yes, that's exactly what I'm looking for.


Hello there,

Have you had any news on this feature since the last eight months?  We would be very interested in a timer based on custom status fields within a ticket.  Thanks.



Hi everyone i am set custom fields in admin panel then how to create ticket with custom field or send request json data with custom fields

Is there any plan to implement this feature soon?

No update? This request has 4 years old and many competitors offer this feature now.

This is a highly requested feature to improve automation with reminders. Any updates?

Hi! Any news about this one?

Hey everyone, the Hours since <Custom Status> for Supervisor is on our backlog and we are looking to pick this one up soon. I will update this thread once this has been prioritized.

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