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Edit templates without WYSIWYG editor. e.g. HTML only

It would be nice if we had full control of the email HTML code without the WYSIWYG botching things up on occasion.

It would also allow us to perform advanced functions that aren't available in the WYSIWYG editor.

I've got around it somewhat by coding things in html, then opening the file in a browser, then copying and pasting into the template. However the WYSIWYG messes with the code, pure HTML would be so much easier than dealing with the editor, the ability to switch between WYSIWYG and Source code would be optimal as most editors provide.

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I have taken this over to the dev team. This can be done. 

Thanks for the feedback.

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I would also love to see the ability for custom HTML in field templates and Service Catalog templates.  This could allow for the addition of images, conditional content, etc.  

same here. I started another ticket so that there are more request for this. Our current free spiceworks system has it. I don't see why Freshservice can't.

I had the same requirement.. but there is a way to do this. It's not user friendly but it works..

While in the wysiwyg editor, press F12 for the development window. In this window, you can alter the html result of that editor. Once changed and saved.. your custom html is used.

I use this to set custom signatures of our agents.

It didn't work for me. I guess I don't know how to work the development window :(

Is it possible to get this looked into again? The WYSIWYG editor plays havoc with line breaks and paragraph spacing, and using the developer tools is just way too much effort.

The text editor used for the Solution library works quite well, so would make a great drop-in replacement (and it has raw HTML editing).

This is a good idea that I would like to see

The text editor in the Email Notifications section has been updated to have a HTML editing component in our Freshservice tenant. Thanks!

Absolutely agree with this. The email editor is really a hunk of junk (as most of them are) and it takes hours to get the formatting right. I can do it quicker in HTML without all the garbage typically being added in background when these editors do formatting. 

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