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Time tracking mandatory option

I'd like to see time tracking as a mandatory field. Is there any way to do this? We need to know how much time our techs are spending on tickets in order to determine if additional hires are necessary. 

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This is there in the roadmap. But right now time tracking for tickets is only optional. 


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Drat. Needs to be enforceable.

Closure rules are definitely coming to Freshservice, Bill. :)

Any updates on this? Would LOVE to see this feature.

I would like to see this as well

Me too - this is a pretty big one if one hopes to get any reliable metrics from the system.


Yep.  Closure rules that include time tracking would definitely be a step toward helping me use FS to justify service desk resources.  

Nothing on this for over 3 years. Is this in place now? 

We would like to see this implemented as well, I noticed this has been 3 years in the making, any update? 

No response in 3 years is concerning. This is a must for service providers can we at least have an update if it will be added to the roadmap?

We would also like to see this as a feature.

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Has this been implemented?

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Time tracking is severely lacking in FS. Only thing I have seen is a single time entry is required before a ticket can be resolved from within the ticket. But you can workaround that from a ticket view and using bulk actions to resolve or close a ticket. 

What I prefer is adding time entry to the ticket notes (public and private) and make it required that when entering a note a time entry is required. 

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We would be interested in this feature. 

If it can't be made mandatory, it would be helpful if the Time tracking panel could be moved to be higher up on the RHS ticket panel

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