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Placeholders in tasks

I would like the option to insert placeholders in tasks within Supervisor

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Sounds good. We will consider it. Meanwhile, could you please share your use case with us?


Sometimes we have the need to task another group on a ticket. I would like to be able to populate the ticket details in these tasks so that our technicians do not have to copy, paste or type out the details. Because ticket details are not available to people outside of the group that owns the ticket and sometimes it's necessary to share them.  This would also allow me to trigger and automate tasks  when a certain service is chosen. 

Jessica, I'll second this request.  

I am using "tasks" in absence of "parent/child" tickets, however, the tasks currently cannot reference even the ticket number.  The email received when a task is assigned to you does reference the ticket number, however, after that, there is no indication on the dashboard which ticket the task relates to.

I'll third it. As they stand, tasks are so limited they have almost no use. 

I too would prefer a parent/child relation in lieu of the current task implementation.  It would be great if we could also create a child ticket through automation so that complex requests can trigger required pre-defined activity. 

Also, when I export tickets I can't see tasks listed and most of the activity around the ticket would actually be recorded through assigned tasks.  


I too am finding that Tasks are very limited; especially after the introduction of Projects.

In the same vein as placeholder behavior, it is also frustrating to see a placeholder like {{task.url}} but have it only point to the container record i.e.: Ticket, Change, Release, or Project.

Is this something that will be implemented? We have tasks created on certain service requests as they come through, it would be fantastic to add placeholders into these task and pull information from the ticket. 

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