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Visibility to more than one group but not all groups

I would like to request an enhancement that allows the option to assign visibility to more than one group but not all. 

For example, we have a need to share ticket visibility between multiple groups but we don't want ANY of our Human Resources group tickets to be visible to anyone outside of that group. 

A drop down for ticket visibility could be:    Agent can view all groups' tickets except (group listing drop down or check boxes next to group names)

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This would add a lot of value.

I don't know how we missed this thread. Sorry for that! 

You can only assign a ticket to one group. What you could do is add overlapping agents to different groups. I know this might take some time, but considering this is a one time configuration, I guess this would work.



This is not a full solution, since this will also make the tickets "show up" in all default views.

We want the tickets only visible when searched for, not in the basic "open tickets"

Correct. Ideally, we would like to give our agents global access except to certain groups, like HR.  One way we accomplished this with our old Service Desk application was that we had the ability to flag all of HR's tickets as confidential (we don't want other groups having access to the sensitive information in many of our HR tickets)  and only the members of HR had access to confidential tickets. 

And, it's not a one-time set up. We are continuing to grow, add groups, and agents (we are into the 40's with agent count)... we are constantly modifying our service desk to accommodate this growth. So, for us, it's constant change. 

Hey Jessica

I can recommend that you wait for sometime on this. We will bring the Freshplugs functionality to Freshservice in a few months.

Now, Freshplugs is a feature to control the entire Tickets details page, using Custom CSS/Javascripts. 

What we can do is, create a Freshplugs which will restrict Agents to view such Tickets. we can create such Flags in the Ticket and if someone from other Team tries to access this Ticket, we can ensure that we dont show anything or we can some control to not allow them to view any content. In the Freshplugs, we can even set the Agent info/Name or Email, so that when this Agent views such Tickets, we can show the content, others don't or vice-versa

But please bear with us for sometime, so we can address this


Please keep me updated on the freshplug solution as well.

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just found this discussion as we have exactly the same problem right now.
Are there any updates regarding the freshplug?
Thanks for the information!


I've the same problem. Could you please update us !



We also would like the ability to add Facilities and HR to freshservice but ensure the privacy of tickets maintain just that - private! Service Desk Staff shouldn't be able to view HR requests including admins. We also need the SLA for groups and dashboard to show data that is desired based on group or all as needed.

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Why there's no one from your support team answered our enquiries.
Dears, please update us !



This is basically a request to be able to create custom ticket scopes. I need this feature as well. It is disheartening to see some customers have been waiting over 3 years for it.

I have a similar request open; we have agents who work for  a company but onsite so they are in their own group. We then have a service desk who support multiple companies and they are split into T1, T2 and T3 groups. I need the onsite group to be able to see all company calls, even the ones assigned to the Service Desk so that when users request an update from the onsite team they can view these calls and provide it.

All that is required is a change so there is a different Ticket Scope which references visibility of all Company tickets. Am being told this is a major change so am on the waiting list too!

Please add me to the update list for this.




We are looking wanting this as well... The ability to have a ticket assigned to multiple groups will assist us with the direction we would like to take! ITIL in the form of a "swarming" structure for teams is becoming more common.. having tickets in multiple groups allows us to fully implement this type of structure...

Ie.. New tickets go into a new ticket group* + assigned to the support team that deals with that client. This way, helpdesk can see all new tickets and take the ones they can do and then the support team for that company can also see new tickets for their OWN clients... ideally keeping queues somewhat tame and allowing the direct support teams the ability to nit pick difficult/specialist knowledge tickets why not having to wait for helpdesk to process through the queue.

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