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Agents can't search for people/requesters

Does anyone know how to grant agents access to search for people/requesters? When my agents try to search for people they are told there are no results found. Anyone run into this?

That's odd.  I just tried the same and I see it (a couple of pages deep) under PEOPLE.

Did you guys use the search bar at the top right?

Let me if this works. Thanks.

Sorry, I wasn't clear in my response.   It does work for me, I was suggesting to Jessica to scroll (or page) further along and you'll see them under PEOPLE.  (I did it without screenshots - lol)

Yes, the search feature apparently only works for those who have admin or supervisor roles, per FreshService support. Just heard back from them.   Requesting an enhancement, as we don't want our techs having admin or supervisor roles but would like them to search requesters. 

Agreed!  I had no idea!  Thanks for that Jessica - I'm sure I'd have beaten my head against the wall on that one at some point.

Frank, Oops! Should have read your post carefully! And there is something about screenshots that gives me the kicks. :)

Jessica, It's weird. I just checked the agent's (the agent in the screenshot) role and his role is that of an 'SD agent'. I will check once with the team and update you.


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