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Support for Right to Left languages

I would like to have support for Right to Left languages.

currently when I write in Hebrew - it's fine (on web gui and in emails),

however i cannot align it to the right.

I would like to use the support language functionality, to support hebrew users with hebrew responses.

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Work has already started in this regard. Give us sometime to ship this out.


Hi, we really need the ability to align text right. Any news? when? 


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Right to left language support will be here soon. 

Hi Narain, can you tell when? Sorry to bother but we really need to know if we'll be able to use freshdesk for our product or we should find another solution. 


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Right to left support will be there within the next few weeks. I really can't give you a date, but will confirm an ETA once I know for sure that when we are going to deliver.

I hope this helps.


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Hello Narain.. any news for us 'right-to-left' potential users? 


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Right to left language support will be here soon. ?

My team is also waiting for this. 

It's nearly impossible to write about IT issues in hebrew without referencing english phrases (since file paths, menu items, error massages etc. are all in english).
With the current system I find myself hitting the Enter key way too often, just so everything is aligned and readable for the users. 
Please give us right-to-left support!

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Any news on this? 
It's been 6 months since you said a few weeks, so I was just wondering when we can expect this. 


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I'd like to urgently add my own "me too", as well as clarify that:

  • as part of any basic "RTL support", the toolbar of the system's built-in HTML editor must include "directionality" controls -- that allow a given paragraph to be formatted as "LTR" or as "LTR".

    Note that this is totally orthogonal to the issue of "right-justified" vs ""!eft-justified".

  • "basic RTL support" is actually not enough. Users of RTL languages will also require that the system properly supports "BiDi" text -- bidirectional Unicode text, with both RTL and LTR portions intermixed on the same line!  [See, for example Wikipedia and Unicode.org.]

A good example showing the features that are needed can be found in the "full-featured" demo for TinyMCE:

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