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FreshDesk / FreshService Features


We are currently changing service desks and came across FreshService and FreshDesk. We will need FreshService as it has the asset management feature included however there are features in FreshDesk we would like to see in FreshService - I am surprised they are not already.

Just wondering is there any chance these may be added in future?

Customers instead of Departments (mainly associating domain names to different customers).

Integrated Live Chat
Integrated Phone Support

Adding any other fields to do with customers e.g. Customer A may have 3 different sites, if we could record each site that would be most useful.

Can we customise the ticket screen to include the Department?

Can we filter the Asset Screen to Departments (I know there is a search option but that isn't as ideal as a filter option would be)

Mass import of assets using the API?

Other than that, its an awesome product!!


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Also, is there any other way to create other reports? Or do we have to use the built in ones?


Hi Alex,

Freshservice launched just earlier this year. So give us sometime to be as awesome as our elder sibling, Freshdesk! :)

However, we will be limiting the features to those that would be required in an internal help desk environment. 

Your requirements sound like you are an MSP. We are in the process of coming up with an MSP plugin that would contain all the popular features an MSP would use. Of all your feature requests, phone support, customers instead of departments and customer sites will be part of the MSP plugin. Till then, you can use departments as customers. We are recommending this workaround to all our MSP user base. Integrated live chat and advanced search in CMDB is in the roadmap as well. 

Regarding mass import of assets, right now we allow two methods. We have a probe which you can download and run. The probe will scan all your assets for you. We also have CSV importing. Have you tried these two methods?

More reports are coming soon.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions. 


Hi Narain,


Thanks for the reply.


Do you know when the MSP version will be released (as in, should I hold off getting FreshService until the MSP will be released)? and will it include the Asset Management feature?




The MSP plugin is right now in very early stages. I am afraid I can't promise you a shipping date. Quite a few MSPs have been signing up with Freshservice and we have been suggesting temporary workarounds till we ship the MSP modules. I would encourage you to do the same. 

One workaround which is popular with MSPs is using departments as companies. Is there any other specific requirement you need? 


Hi Narain,


The main aspect we would want is auto logging tickets against a company if they email from a particular domain name. Also be able to assign multiple sites to one company (with address details etc). Will the module just be an extension onto the FreshService solution or would it be called a new product name i.e. FreshMSP (or something?)



You can create a Dispatch'r rule to automatically tag a ticket coming from a company. The Dispatch'r is a versatile tool. Do play around. :)

Regarding location, currently departments (companies for MSPs) are not associated with locations. However CIs/assets are. So when an asset has an issue, the system will be able to tell you which location it is in. Would this suffice for the time being?

And right now, it's just going to be an extension inside Freshservice. But then time is a funny thing, so who knows? :)

My business is in the same boat regarding this issue.  I have been leveraging Freshdesk, however I am in need of the asset management features being introduced in Freshservice.  Before I begin migrating my existing Solutions and contacts to Freshservice, i would like a little more information on the MSP plugin being worked on and the workaround you have suggested.  Thanks... Chris

- If I use departments as customers in the mean time, will I need to recreate the companies and re-associate all associated data (i.e. Tickets, Assets, etc) to actual customers when the MSP plugin becomes available?

- After the plugin is enabled, will it be possible to use departments for my internal departments (i.e. HR, Sales, Help Desk, Tech Support), or will the departments still be facilitating my customer information?

- With regards to Alex's question, will this indeed be a plugin to Freshservice and not a new product (which would require the another migration)?

- Is there any chance of an asset management plugin becoming available for Freshdesk?

- Since I am currently using the 3 agent (free) versions of Freshdesk and Freshservice (soon to add a 4th agent), will there be a cost for the plugin or a required level of service in order to use the plugin?

- Do you have an ETA for this development?


  1. Once it rolls out, MSPs might not have the Departments option. So you would not have to re-associate data after all.
  2. As a result, you will not be able to use internal departments.
  3. There will not be a new product. It will only be an internal addition.
  4. Freshdesk is not getting an asset management plugin as it is purely an external customer support help desk and not an internal IT help desk like Freshservice.
  5. We have not decided anything about the pricing, but I can assure you that existing customers will not be charged. If there is a pricing change, only newer customers will be applicable for the pricing change.
  6. ETA would be a few months time. 

Hope this helps. 
Thank u

Any news about this plugin?

Thank you


i am also intersted by the MSP plugin, as i am managing more than 10 different companies (which are all belonging to the same mother company). I need to be able to separate ticket by site/department/region/country

any news ?

We are rolling out the more sought after features like the service catalogue, contract management etc. To start with the MSP market, we are coming up with a multi portal and CRM integrations. I cannot commit on an ETA, however.

We're currently using Freshdesk & loving it.  Can't wait to see the MSP module for Freshservice as this would be exactly what we need in terms of asset management for our customers.

Looking forward for this feature too!

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