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Add Departments & Email Address to Quest Conditions

Some customers can be a little harder to please than others. It would be good if we could create quests that helped us target specific departments or users. Adding additional fields to the quest conditions would let us do this.

So for example we could create a quest to resolve 10 tickets in a month, from the Finance Department with Customer Satisfaction Rating = Awsome.

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You can achieve the same by doing the following.

1. Create a new Dispatch'r rule. 

You could achieve the same by using one of Freshservice's automation tools, the Dispatch'r. Create a new rule and mark all tickets from Finance team as urgent.

2. Create a new quest for all tickets marked urgent.

Of course, there could be other ways of achieving the same thing in Freshservice. Do experiment and play around with the Dispatch'r rules!

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply. Not sure that's quite the solution I was after though as it would mean that any urgent ticket would fall into scope of the rule and not all tickets from any one department should always be marked urgent (but don't tell finance I said that!). Marking the job as Urgent also affects the SLA and expected due date.

The way I see it is that the main aim of the arcade feature is to create some fun and motivate support staff. If we have customers that often give poor feedback and an agent can turn that around and consistently get "awesome" then they deserve a medal (or badge). It would be nice if the quest feature allowed us to do this by being more flexible in the way that quests can be created.

I'll experiment though and see if there is another way of doing it.

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