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Requests and incidents category / categorial report

It would be handy to have some kind of request and incidents categories, in order to determine which category cost agents more / most of their times. Once this information is available management consideration can be made in order to look for reducing the time consumers or applying different business workflow. It might be achieved using tags, However reports with tag filtering should be added.

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Great idea! I have taken this across to the team. We've added this to the road map. Thanks!

I agree we have a need for this feature as well.

Any word on the status?

Ditto, I need this report to effectively use the system to gauge metrics on what the top areas of issue are. 

Would REALLY like to know where this is at on the roadmap. Tnx

I would love to know where we are at with this? It seems like a no brainer to be able to RCA by categories. Also, why can you build custom reports for changes and assets but not incidents?

I'd love this as well.  It would be even better to be able to create these types of reports on my own.  Very frustrating that we can't create custom reports on incidents.


Thanks for the feedback. We have recently introduced a default Category Field which can be used to categorize incidents, problems, changes and releases and setup SLA policies for more nuanced SLAs. 

And, we will introduce this field in reports too, very soon.

More details here: 

Category fields in Field Templates

Category based SLA

Is there any plans for expansion of categories in reports?  

I realize I can add it to a report, it would be very helpful to be able to "group by" or have a report that's dedicated to our tickets by categories/subcategories and items.  Imagine all Incidents split by categories and then subcategories.  For example, it could immediately tell me which software application was causing the majority of my headaches.

Problem Management for us flows directly out of these metrics.  It would be nice if this was built in, instead of Pivot-tabling these out from excel.

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